Theatre Services

The Katittavik Town Hall was built in 2001/2002 to host the 2002 Inuit Circumpolar Conference. As there were many local cultural, recreational and Municipal Office needs to address with the hall, a lot of care was taken in the design of the building to make it a true multifunction, multipurpose venue.
An example of this being the simple addition of retractable seating, making it possible to convert the auditorium from a 400 seat theatre to a 4100 sq-ft conference center in a matter of minutes.

The Town Hall section is a two story office space containing the main Municipal Offices; Mayor’s office, Finance, Recreation, P.A.P.A.C, By-Law Enforcement,
Secretary-Treasurer, as well as the Council/Conference Room. Also located in the Hall is the Nunavik Tourism Association, which has its Head Office on the first floor south side of the building.


Katittavuik Town Hall

KCC Specs
400 seat adaptable auditorium.
Movie theatre with state of the art Digital Projector and Digital Sound.
Theatre Lighting:
-ETC 48/96 Lighting Console
-48 1000W Par 64s
-16 575W Strand SL Lekos (8 X 19°, 8 X 36°)
-12 2K Strand Fresnels
- 1 Korrigan HMI 1200 Follow Spot   

Theatre SOUND:

Allen & Heath GL4000 32 input (F.O.H)
Yamaha LS-9 Digital 32 input (monitor, f.o.h)
EV 32 input recording console  

F.O.H Rack:
3 X Behringer MDX2200 Compressors
2 X SPX 990 Effects Processor
3 X dbx 1231 Graphic EQ
- L/R stereo
- 4 mono monitor(when mixing monitors from the f.o.h) 

House Speakers:
Standard set-up(movies and Small/Medium shows)
Fixed 18’ rig; 4 EAW JF260z(2 Right, 2 Left)
        1 EAW (Center)
Subs 2 EAW SB850R(1L/1R) 

House Amps
House- 2 X Crown Micro-Tech 2400(1 Left, 1 Right)
House Subs- 2 X Crown Micro-Tech 2400( 1 Left, 1 Right)
Center- Crown Micro-Tech 2400 

Festival Sound Set up Additions

4 Renkus Heinz Trap Junior/9
4 Renkus Heinz SR121 D/ W121 D 

2 QSC EX1250 (4 monitors mixes)
1 QSC EX1250 (Mid/High L/R)
1 QSC EX2500 (Sub L/R) 

Standard set-up
(If amped from F.O.H, 2 Crown Micro-Tech 2400)